Comparison Chart

  • PayGo Billing compared to other payment gateway providers.

    Cost and Features

    PayGo Billing

    IPSP (Third Party Billing Companies)

    Other Gateway Solutions


    As low as 1.5% percent per transaction and only 8 cents per approved transaction or 35 cents per approved transaction for high-risk merchants.

    Fees as high as 15+% per transaction domestically and 18+% internationally, 10% reserve, per site fees, and bank wire fees.

    Up to $400 per month in monthly setup and maintenance costs.

    Usually use “resellers” in order to acquire merchant accounts and pass costs to their clients.


    Completely customizable solution for templating for both web and mobile devices as well as fraud settings, customer settings and host of other features.

    No control over your payment process or fraud settings and very little control of payment pages using just simple template control.

    Minimal control over fraud, customer lookup, terminal processing and host of other features.

    Payments and Settlements.

    Funds are directly batched and sent to your bank account usually the next business day.

    Usually once a month or twice a month and sometimes can be held for numerous reasons.

    Daily batch closures, deposits on business days.

    Processing Speeds

    Average of less than 2 seconds per transaction.

    Average transaction under 5 seconds.

    Average transaction 2-5 seconds.

    Payment Options offered

    All major credit cards and online checks and some alternative payments such as bill me later.

    Various credit cards, online checks, and web900 orders.

    Accepts major credit cards and online checks.

    Merchant account integration and acquisition.

    Our staff can help you get the best solution for your volume, site type and price-points.

    There are no merchant services. You do not own your client and cannot make decisions about if and when your account is managed as this is a third party solution.

    Very little help on the merchant solutions. Once you have an account, basically they provide very little in support.

    Fraud and Risk

    Fully Customizable fraud settings which can be set for each processor or site.

    No fraud options – the merchant account is managed by the third party company.

    Almost no customizing in the fraud with basic settings only.


    Fully customizable reporting and exporting to different database and file formats as needed. Real time reports and real time lookups.

    Reports are only available on the data decided to be shown by the biller.

    Basic reporting only.

    Shopping Cart Compatibility

    Customizable with a host of shopping carts including Worpdress (WooCommerce), X-cart, Oscommerce and host of others. If you wish we can build you a solution.

    Proprietary cart only with the cats which are compatible.

    Compatible with a host of carts but limited to those which have been developed and offer little in support for building new cart plugins.

    Billing and Page Creation

    Automatically rebilling and email templating available as well as completely customizable templates built in HTML/CSS as well as white label capable pointing of your own url to our payment platform for seamless integration.

    The processor decides the page layout and provides a limited template system.

    Customizing usually requires extensive knowledge of template coding.

    Call Center Support

    24/7/365 call center available to take calls from your clients as well as 24/7 client support for all clients.

    Standard 24/7 support.

    Client support is only available during weekday business hours.

    Affiliate Plugins

    Affiliates can market through a host of payment options including built in affiliate solution.

    Built-in Affiliate option only available.

    Programming requires to integrate with affiliate solution.


    Instant integration of numerous processors as well as fail-over and other features.

    No merchant processor management.

    Limited processor support, usually only 1 can be added at once.