Why Pay Go Billing?

  • Based in Vancouver, Canada, PayGo Billing is a Division of Cash 831 Management Ltd and powered by CPT Secure is a private technology firm specializing in the design and development of advanced electronic payment systems.

    For over a sixteen years we have been delivering state-of-the-art electronic payment processing solutions to systems developers and small and large clients. What we do: PayGo Billing designs, develops and markets and supports a high-performance an secure payment platform gateway software application.

    We consult for for payment applications and system infrastructures and provide custom programming services for payment processing systems. Why Us? The expert development team comprised in PayGo Billing is unparalleled in the expertise of Retail, Mobile and E-Commerce payment solutions.

    From creating customized billing solutions featuring architectural design systems to the development and ongoing support that continues to help all sized organizations leverage the next-generation payment solutions available today. We provide solid enterprise grade payment solutions and developer level support offerings which set us part in the market. Our Direction PayGo billing delivers the most secure, reliable and cost-effective cloud based online and POS payment solutions. We continue to seek out new challenges within the payments industry eco-space which head on with marketing leading solutions.

    How we are different:

    * Pay Go Billing integrates with almost all Canadian and U.S based credit card and online check processing merchant accounts.
    * We allow the processing of high risk and low risk merchant accounts.
    * We do not charge any setup costs.
    * We do not charge any monthly costs.
    * All transactions are charged starting at 10 cents per transaction (lower pricing is available for high volume monthly transactions.)
    * We provide real time reporting.
    * We provide email support for our clients.
    * We provide fraud modules, mobile and web templates and much more.
    * We can also provide 24/7 Customer support for your customers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long has PayGo Biling been in business?
    Through its affiliated companies and technology partners we have been in business for over 16 years providing expert billing software platform solutions.

    What are your business hours?
    We are available 24/7 for client support via email or skype and are our sales and support staff are available from 9am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday.

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      Online Payments

      More consumers are making online payments to pay online. This increases 33% each year and mobile payments will soon be the only way consumers want to pay.

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      Vendors not Online

      86% of vendors do not have an online processing capability. Most vendors cannot afford to accept online payments because of the high processing costs.

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      Mobile Payments

      Each year 30% more consumers are making payments using their mobile devices. PayGo Billing’s templates allows our clients to create payment pages made for mobile.

  • The PayGo Payment Platform