Our Solution

  • Stop Paying High Third Party Processing Fees!

    Process with your own merchant account – own your customers!



    • No Setup Charge

      We never charge any cost to setup an account with us. Just point your Merchant Account to our Gateway Software and start processing.

    • No Monthly Charges

      Unlike most other billing gateways we never charge anything for having an account with us. We only charge you for each transaction you process and nothing more.

    • Only 10 cents per transaction

      We charge a flat rate of only 10 cents per transaction. This is for either high or low risk accounts. The cost is the same. We can even provide lost transaction fees for high volume clients.

    • U.S Merchant Accounts

      If you have a high or low risk merchant account just create a free no setup cost account with us and start processing. If you do not have a U.S high or low risk merchant account, we can help and have some of the best relationships in the business to get you can account.

    • Canadian High / Low Risk Merchant Accounts

      If you are a Canadian resident or Citizen and have a Canadian Merchant account. Just create an account with PayGo and start processing at some of the lowest rates around! If you need a merchant account in Canada we can help! We can help you get your own Canada based merchant account.

  • Pay Go Billing is an Enterprise Level Processing Gateway

    • Templates

      The Paygo Billing software platform allows our clients to customize the design of each page of the payment process. Upload your own images and CSS design using our online template editor. Automatically detect mobile or tablet users and present them with customized design specifications for ease of use.

    • Scalable system design

      The PayGo Billing platform is designed to allow our clients to grow from a small POS terminal solution to processing thousands of transactions per minute. We all the backend work so you do not need to.

    • Extensive Processor Support

      The PayGo Billing platform supports all major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.), Pin-based Debit, Electronic Benefits (EBT) and Flexible Spending (FSA), Gift/Stored Value and Private Label Cards, Electronic Check Conversion (ACH), Alternative Payments, such as Bill Me Later®

    • Modern Security Features

      The PayGo Billing Software is validated to meet or exceed PCI/PA-DSS requirements. Uses high-security cryptographic algorithms including the industry standard, AES, Encrypts communications using proven SSLv3 and TLSv1 protocols.

    • Secure Card-on-File System

      The PayGo Billing storage system offers secure card storage and safe card number replacement tokens for easy, PCI-compliant card-on-file applications. Pseudo card numbers (“tokens”) take the place of sensitive data.

    • Fraud Protection

      PayGo Billing features a host of security features to protect your merchant account from fraud including: Address Verification System (AVS), Card Verification (CVV2/CVC2/CID) across all supporting card brands, Support for Verified By Visa and Mastercard SecureCode, Electronic Check Verification.

  • PayGo Billing Solutions



    • Retailers

      Reliability is essential for any business, but for retail locations it’s critical. Thanks to our built-in, automatic failover module, part of the PayGo Billing gateway platform, your on-site POS environment gives you the ultimate reliability.

    • Restaurant

      In the restaurant industry, speed and dependability are crucial. PayGo Billing can reliably and securely handle any payment request. Your restaurant can gain additional revenue by processing card present (on site) purchases or orders placed via Internet and telephone.

    • E-Commerce

      Speed is key for successful
      E-commerce; your competitors are just one click away. Slow response times mean abandoned shopping carts and lost sales; you need a payment processing solution that’s fast and reliable, so you can provide an optimal shopping experience for all of your customers, even during busy, peak-load periods.

    • Application Developers

      With PCI/PABP compliant PayGo Billing, you’ll get instant, out-of-the-box security that runs natively and very efficiently on all popular operating systems, with a variety of service-based, open APIs and library connectivity features.

    • Enterprise Host Switch

      Whether you have one location or thousands, PayGo Billing can provide centralized switching for all of your enterprise transaction processing needs.

    • Acquirers/Processors

      PayGo Billing’s high-performance, multithreaded architecture can concurrently process thousands of transactions per minute, for thousands of different merchants, and simultaneously route to any number of transaction processors.

  • PayGo Billing Highlights



    • Versatile Communication Support

      The PayGo Billing gateway provides a complete range of communication method to get your transactions to the processing institution as fast as possible: High-speed Internet, dial-up and private/frame-relay/T1(IP) connections Complete, automatic failover subsystem always selects the best available route Modem pooling system permits multiple, concurrent dial-up connections.

    • Failover Processing

      With the PayGo payment platform you can connect to multiple processors at the same time, or switch processors any time, giving you the flexibility you need for obtaining the most competitive interchange rates as well as provide a fail-over process to allow a transaction to be attempted to be processed by numerous processors.

    • Cloud-Based Gateway

      Our clients have the benefit of using our hosted billing solution without having to worry about the technical problems associated with the maintenance and costs of running their own payment solution.

    • No programming Needed

      Customize your payment process pages or connect your merchant account without having to have any programming skills. The PayGo platform allows basic HTML/CSS templating right in our client administrative portal at no extra charge.